4 Tips on Creating Professional Packaging for Your Supplement Products

If this is your first experience marketing your brand of supplements (or any product, that is), or maybe, you’ve been on the market for quite a few years, only to find flat sales, this article is a must-read.

The Predicament

No matter how much we attempt to, we can never deny how competition is omnipresent in any marketing venture. In fact, it’s everywhere that we cannot escape, whether regarding business or something else.

While this holds true, each entrepreneur must acknowledge the problem of how you will make yourself, products and services, and company rise in the competition, before you start losing it.

What starters usually do is to generate a hopefully great product, then start advertising. What most of us sometimes tend to forget is the critical transition from product creation to marketing that can make or break our success in the industry – branding and labeling.

Why Focus On Our Labels

Even if you do hardcore telemarketing to sell your products, people would always look for a ‘professional’ packaging that would entice them to buy your product or use your services. Chances are, any business would commonly have at least two to three competitors to race sales with – and if you’re selling supplements, there could be more!

If there’s what we call the art and science of supplements, there’s also art and science involved when selling them, or any product you would like to market.

Today, I’ll give you four tips on how you can make your product stand out and generate revenue.

1. Collaboration

Unless you’re a genius at graphics design, you may have to hire someone to bring your dream label to life. You would have to make sure that there is a collaboration between the designer and the entrepreneur, at all times.

As an entrepreneur, you must have a clear understanding of what you want on your packaging, how you want it. This part may take some practice and eloquence to express what you would like to see on your labels. This step would also take efforts and your time to complete, no matter who designs and draws it for you.

Do away with leaving everything to the graphic artist. While it is his/her task to come up with the best artwork, it is your responsibility to make sure you communicate and relay what you exactly aspire. Otherwise, the artist may deliver something great, though not exactly your ‘ branding.’

2. Brand Story

While facing competition, your company, products, and services need to convince buyers with a story why they should pick “YOU!” There’s no better place to advertise this story than with your label and packaging.

While you can always write a blog about your products, you would have to take note of people’s initial and usual interaction with your company – your products and services and your brand.

Again, you would have to remind them why you should be a priority. Tell your target market something your competitors don’t have or won’t easily have. Your would have to identify what sets you apart from the competition and make sure the public knows about it.

3. Uniquely Matching

Buyers won’t take your products seriously unless you meet their expectations. You need to make sure that it differs from your competitors.

The market and its trends set standards that entrepreneurs within the niche cannot entirely deviate from, apparently. If you’re selling supplements, you would like to make your packaging appear as such, even at first glance.

Though you would also have to focus on elements, you can ‘stylize’ to make it your own. This step is where the challenge lies – how you would make the few variable elements bring it all for your brand.

4. The Path

Visual hierarchy plays a critical role in advertising and marketing and refers to how elements are specially arranged to convey a message. In other words, this scheme tells you where your eyes would first focus.

You may talk to your designer on how you can employ this trick to your design. At the same time, make sure that there’s tremendous interest building up with the flow of visual elements. Don’t leave a blank space.

Making your brand stand out is just as important as advertising your product. Getting great packaging is equally important as advertising it. Branding is essential, and it all starts with packaging. No matter how great your product is, people won’t start noticing unless you make them do so.

Image source: www.wildfrogstudio.com
Image source: www.wildfrogstudio.com
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