Should you go to Art School?

To be an artist you do not need any degree. You just need to use your creativity, use cheap art supplies, and produce your imagination on paper or canvas. Even to launch your art career you need no certification, and at the end of the day, your talent is most important. When you need no degrees and just talent is enough, then do you need to go to an art school?

An art school can help you earn great contacts that will prove immensely beneficial in your career, it also helps you gain experience from the professionals, and offers many more benefits that have been listed below.



1. Get the best equipment easily

Almost every art school has the best art equipment that you will find it difficult to get otherwise. You may say that the kind of painting you are creating does not need too many types of equipment anyway. But that perhaps is because you are not aware of the various types of equipment that can be used, which will only help make you artwork all the more beautiful. Creating an art is not only about using a paintbrush and paints, and this is something you will get to learn only after you attend an art school.

2. Expert advice

Art school professors have years of experience, they display their work in popular galleries and they receive so much appreciation. Naturally, you are not as experienced as they are, and as in any other field, there is always so much to learn from an experienced person. Even a little guidance from a mentor can prevent you from struggling to learn what kind of artist you are, what kind of work you want to produce, and what you are best at. Not only will your mentor help you discover your best skills, but will also hone them.


3. Shortened learning time

When you try to do everything on your own, it takes years to understand what exactly you have to learn. However, when you attend an art school, you move through the curriculum fast, and this provides you with a broad base of helpful knowledge.

4. Much needed exposure

Not only will you get great help and guidance from professors, you will be able to participate in regularly organized student shows, where you will get the chance to display your artwork, and thus let the public know about your talent.

5. Built-in community

You must have heard from many artists that if you have a peer group of artists around you, it will help you stay motivated always. If you go to an art school, you will have students around you who are as serious about their art as you are, and this will help you stay creative and productive always. Being in the company of other artists can also open doorways to new ideas and constructive criticism, which definitely will prove to be very helpful.

6. Develop business skills

Together with sharpening and developing your artistic skills, art schools usually also help you learn the basics of running a small business. You shall get to know how to make a budget, how to price your creations, and also how to market your creativity.



Now that we know about the various benefits or advantages an art school offers, let us also get to learn about few so-called disadvantages or reasons that hold back certain aspiring artists from joining an art school.

1. Learn from the beginning

You may have a little experience, perhaps more than what other students in your batch have, but since it is a school, you have to learn even the very basics. Every art school has a curriculum, and you too have to follow the same. This can be a little difficult for experienced artists, and they have to wait patiently until they get to learn something new.

2. Limited scopes of freedom

In most art school, you will not get freedom of expression until you reach a certain level. Until then things are generally based on projects, certain themes, and limited materials.This might not be liked by those artists who want freedom, who want to create things their own way, and not the way their professors expect them to.

These disadvantages are too small for the various benefits you will enjoy on joining an art school. If you really want to make it big in this field, you need to be patient, disciplined, take advantage of the experience of the professionals, get to learn as many new things as you can, and this is possible only if you become a part of an art school.

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